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Guangdong Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd.,(Stock code:300410) located in Science and Technology Park, Songshan Lake, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, is a high and new-tech enterprise and is engaged in researching & developing, producing, selling and after-sale services of the precision inspection equipments and electronic materials. It was founded on1997 with a register fund 197 million CNY.


  The company is since its foundation, with the concept of "honesty, hard work, innovation, caring" and the purpose to "meet customer’s satisfaction ", it has built and improved its business-oriented, market-oriented and production-research combined technological innovation system. At the same time, it has successfully established many R & D platforms such as Guangdong Ministry of Education production-research combined demonstration base, Guangdong precision instrument R&D center and Guangdong Enterprise technology centers, etc. Zhengye recruits many scientific and technological elites to research the four high-tech fields, that is, electronic information integration, optical mechanical and electronic integration, software and new materials. It develops and produces X-ray machines, UV laser cutting machine, automatic reinforcement machine, UV laser drilling machine, PCB prepreg cutting machine, Hole Checker, TDR impedance tester , Ionic Contamination Tester, Thermal resistance tester and other precision equipments. All this machines have independent intellectual property rights and are widely used in PCB, lithium battery. And its consumables such as film series, Filtration Purification Precision positioning Precision photosensitive Dedicated Plastics and other electronic materials, are widely used in PCB, SMT, lithium battery, environmental protection and food industries.

  After years of steady development, the company has become a leading company in China printed circuit industry dedicated instruments line. In recent years, the company has undertaken 3 national and 10 provincial science and technology projects. One of its products has been named as the national key new product, 15 products have been named as provincial high-tech products and 5 products have been named as provincial independent innovation products. And below are the honors that Zhengye acquired:


  Outstanding national brand enterprise in the China electronic circuit industry for the first continuous three terms; Key high and new-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan; national standardization good behavior enterprise AAA unit; Preponderant enterprise in intellectual property; the major provincial-supported equipment manufacturing enterprises, etc. 


  At present, The company has customers, including, ATL, AT&S, APCB, APEX, AKM, CMK, Elec & Eltek, FOXCONN, GUH, HUAWEI, KCE, MEIKO, MFS, OPC, TTM, VIASYSTEMS, etc.  

Its market covers the Pearl River delta and Yangtze River delta region and has exported many products to Russia, USA, England, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.   

In future, Zhengye Technology will continue to provide sincere service for customers and further focus on outstanding technical innovation. We will constantly improve the accuracy and stability of testing instruments, strengthen our brand construction with the aim to become a professional supplier of precision inspection equipments and electronic materials.

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